"The Walking Dead: All Out War" Miniatures Game Heads to Kickstarter

Mantic Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign next month for "The Walking Dead: All Out War," a new miniatures game produced in partnership with Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment.

In "All Out War," players will control Rick, Shane and other characters from the long-running comic book series as they battle other groups of survivors for resources and fight off attacks from walkers.

Priced at $125, the deluxe boxed miniature-based war game will include more than 20 collectible figurines. In addition, Mantic will offer Kickstarter exclusives for backers.

Launching Feb. 1, the Kickstarter campaign will feature a retailer-only reward level for store owners who wish to back the game. The crowdfunding effort will end Feb. 29.

"The Walking Dead: All Out War" is expected to begin shipping in August.

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