"The Walking Dead" Adding Two All-New Characters for Season 7

Two all-new characters are headed to "The Walking Dead" for Season 7, and -- as described -- the pair appear to be original to the show rather than adapted from the Image Comics series' massive cast.

According to TVLine,

Episode 6 will introduce two new characters who don't sound to me like anyone in particular from the comic-book series. (Correct me if I'm wrong -- and we both know you will.) Naomi is a grandmotherly type who, having lost so many loved ones, is now willing to do whatever it takes not to have to bury any more. (Maybe she's being introduced to counsel Carol about the awful necessities of the post-apocalyptic world... ) On the flip side is Jennie, a sunny-side-up kinda teenager -- oh, Caaarl! -- who sounds a lot like Beth 2.0, "kind, with a world-weary toughness."

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Season 6 of "The Walking Dead" ended with one of the most brutal cliffhangers of the series, leaving us to ponder for the summer: Who did Negan kill? The Season 7 premiere will pick up at this moment, and so it's unclear how and when these two new characters will be introduced into the show's canon, as no further details beyond this critical moment have been released.

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC for its seventh season this October.

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