The Walking Dead's Final Issue Already Headed Back for a Second Print

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment confirmed the surprise final issue of The Walking Dead is going back for second print very soon, giving fans a glimmer of hope in light of the shocking news.

Running from 2003 to 2019 is quite a feat for The Walking Dead, but fans of the long-running series were stunned to learn July 3's Issue #193 would be the last, especially since Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard rounded off their story just one issue after they spectacularly killed off Rick Grimes. Although Kirkman had hinted about a Rick-free future for a while now, few thought the comic would shuffle to the grave so soon after its lead protagonist.

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Image/Skybound confirmed The Walking Dead #193 is coming back to shelves on July 31. Still priced at just $3.99, the final issue of the story Kirkman started all those years ago "is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with customer demand as the news of the book’s contents goes viral." The cutoff for stores to order the 80-page reprint is July 8.

The series was originally written by Kirkman and illustrated by Tony Moore, but Moore left the comic after just six issues and was replaced by Adlard for the majority of The Walking Dead's run. However, Moore almost wasn't the only one to depart early, as Kirkman explained how he nearly ended the series much sooner during the Letter Hacks page of Issue #193.

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Of course, a lot of The Walking Dead's popularity comes from AMC's television series of the same name. First hitting screens in 2010, The Walking Dead is currently heading into its 10th season and has spawned both a spinoff show (with another on the way) and a trilogy of movies planned for Rick Grimes.

Kirkman and company cleverly pulled the wool over everyone's eyes and even had fake solicitations for Issue #194 and #195. However, after the surprise ending — and some stores quickly running out of the comic — retailers should have a better idea of what to order with the reprint.

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