The Walking Dead: 10 Things From The Comics We Won't See In The Series

With Season 10 currently airing on AMC, here are the 10 top things from Image Comics' The Walking Dead that won't actually happen on the popular live-action undead drama. Back in 2003, writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore conceived of a never-ending journey that took place during the zombie apocalypse. For longtime fans, the journey that wasn't supposed to stop finally came to a satisfying end with the milestone issue #193. As the TV show continues to pave its own course and spark up its own ideas, there are some story arcs from the comics that the series won't be able to touch.

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Just like in the very first issue, Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) suddenly woke up in a whole new and far more dangerous world. After being in a coma for so long, Rick (Lincoln) was unconscious when the outside world descended into madness. He never knew there was a zombie uprising taking place. Grimes missed out on the government collapsing and mass civilization evacuating in numerous herds from the empty cities. With his family missing, Rick had no choice but to search for them in the heart of a zombie-infested Atlanta.

10 Morgan

Morgan death Walking Dead

During "No Way Out," Morgan is bitten by a walker after fighting a lethal herd attacking Alexandria. Michonne comes running to the rescue, slicing off his infected arm with her sword. Suffering from blood loss, Morgan has a heart to heart talk with Carl, confusing him for his son, Duane. Unfortunately, this hallucinatory moment of grieving and closure will not happen because Morgan (Lennie James) is over on the spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, away from Alexandria, and he was just shot in the chest by Virginia during the fifth season finale.

9 Dwight

During "All Out War," Dwight was secretly working as a double agent for Rick in order to bring down their enemy, Negan. Once Negan was removed from power, Dwight took over as team leader for the Saviors. Dwight and Rick were in a quick draw contest at the end of "The Rotten Core."

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Rick pulled his gun first and shot Dwight in the back of the head before he could fire at Pamela Milton. Unfortunately, Dwight (played by Austin Amelio) is over on Fear the Walking Dead and the Saviors are no longer together.

8 Rick's Death

At the end of "Rest In Peace," Rick Grimes' story comes to a close, but not in a heroic way. Rick is in his underwear, standing next to his bed, when Sebastian storms into his room. Caught by surprise, an unarmed Rick is shot in the chest  by Sebastian. After Sebastian fires his gun three more times, Rick then turns into the thing he hated the most; a walker. Carl has no choice but to shoot his father in the head. Reportedly, Andrew Lincoln will be returning as Rick Grimes in three feature length standalone movies. Chandler Riggs will not be returning because Carl is dead.

7 Carl And Lydia


In issue #137, Carl finds himself attracted to Lydia, the daughter of Alpha, the leader of The Whisperers. Though he was meant to spy on her and get information out of her, Carl attempts to strike up a friendship with Lydia.

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During their time together, Lydia reveals she finds the empty hole in Carl's face, where he was shot, to be sexy. Lydia then moves in closer and licks Carl's eye socket with her tongue. Carl will not lose his virginity to Lydia (Cassady McClincy) because his character is dead on the show.

6 Ezekiel And Michonne

What started at first as flirtation, Ezekiel and Michonne ended up sleeping with each other during the first part of "All Out War." Admitting what they had was a one night stand, Michonne thinks that what they have could potentially lead to something serious. Though they broke up, Ezekiel's unrequited romantic feelings for Michonne came to an end during "No Turning Back." During the recent season 10, the kiss between Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) didn't mean much between them because they both admitted it was a pleasant mistake.

5 Michonne's Daughter

In issue #176, Elodie Hawthorne made her first introduction as Michonne's long lost daughter. Angry at her mother for abandoning her, Elodie promised she would punch Michonne if they ever met again. Though her heart was filled with hate, Elodie offered her mother a second chance as Michonne tried to repair their estranged relationship.

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We will definitely not meet Elodie on the TV series because Danai Gurira will be leaving this current tenth season. Not only that, Michonne (Gurira) has already raised Judith (Cailey Fleming) as her own daughter.

4 Judge Michonne

After reuniting with her daughter, Michonne decided to give up her sword and concentrate on being a lawyer again. After sacrificing so much, Rick had made the world safe enough, even possible enough for law and order to return to civilization. In the final issue, Michonne ends up becoming a high court judge in the Commonwealth. On the TV show, Michonne clearly has no ambition of setting up her own law practice because the Whisperers reign supreme. Michonne will be making her last round of appearances during this tenth season.

3 Old Man Carl

The final issue of The Walking Dead is dedicated to a day in the life of a now older and heavier Carl Grimes. Having lost his youth, Carl has grown a beard, gained weight, and started a family with his childhood love, Sophia. With the side of his face covered, Carl and Sophia are raising a daughter of their own named Andrea. Unfortunately, this time jump on the show will never take place for multiple reasons. Sophia (played by Madison Lintz) turned into a walker during the second season mid-season finale.

2 Hershel Rhee

Hershel Rhee, the son of Maggie and Glenn, also made an appearance in the final issue. Hershel has been making a profit out of turning the last remaining walkers into a sideshow. As a greedy showman, Hershel travels from town to town, letting audiences prod and poke at the shackled walkers. In an argument with Carl over ethics, Hershel reveals he does the sideshow to feel closer to the father he never met. Hershel is such a despicable and spoiled brat, but he's really just a scared little boy. It's doubtful Hershel is all grown up when Lauren Cohan returns as Maggie in the eleventh season.

1 Carl And Andrea

Beautifully illustrated by artist Charlie Adlard, the last image in the final issue of #193 is Carl Grimes reading a bedtime story to his plucky daughter, Andrea. Full of hope and innocence, Andrea will grow in a safer world than what her father experienced. Carl will protect his daughter from the last remaining members of the undead. Unfortunately, this wonderful moment will not take place on the TV show, because Chandler Riggs has moved on from the series after Carl was killed off during the eighth season. The AMC drama will have to come up with its own ending.

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