'The Waiting Place's' Sean McKeever announces new series, 'Tower'

Official Press Release

[Tower]Dover, NJ - Sirius Entertainment proudly announces the upcoming April release of TOWER, a science-fiction mystery by Sean McKeever (writer, THE INCREDIBLE HULK and THE WAITING PLACE) and Jason Alexander (creator, EMPTY ZONE). Illustrated in stark black & white, this one-shot comic book examines the human condition, searching for truth against the backdrop of a futuristic metropolis.

TOWER follows the daily life of a security guard, who like any other person wakes every day, showers, goes to work, comes home, and goes to bed. At the center of the futuristic cityscape, however, a mysterious stone tower rises above the clouds, and he becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of the structure's existence.

TOWER first saw print as a serialized back-up story in Sean McKeever's creator-owned series, THE WAITING PLACE. "I originally came by the idea of TOWER as a pitch for an electronic rock band," says McKeever. "The idea started as a visual of a man climbing an impossibly tall tower in a futuristic city. As the plot developed from that visual, I realized was telling quite a universal story: the human need for answers. The best sci-fi stories are those that use their setting to magnify the human condition, and I feel TOWER does that quite nicely."

"I approached Jason Alexander to illustrate the story after my initial artist didn't work out," says McKeever. "That's not to say Jason's a second choice--I had actually considered him initially, but figured he'd be far too busy to do the project. Luckily, he was able to work it in around his POISON ELVES work. I've always been impressed with his style and quality, and it really was starting to gel over the previous year, but with TOWER it's like he totally broke through to a new level of excellence."

Visit http://www.seanmckeever.com/tower for further information on this product.

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