King & Walta's Vision Gets Director's Cut Treatment

Fans of Tom King and Gabriel Walta's run on "Vision" will soon have the opportunity to devour even more content. As reported by Marvel.com, Marvel Comics will release a Director's Cut edition of the series. The "behind-the-scenes" experience will feature script pages and in-progress art from the comic's creative team.

As to what fans can expect from the Director's Cut, King said, "Hopefully, people will look from my scripts to the finished product and see how Gabriel [Walta] designed each scene, how Jordie [Bellaire] added mood, how Clayton [Cowles] turned words into dialogue, how Wil [Moss] made it all flow together, how Mike [del Mondo] set the stage, and how I got some credit that definitely belonged to them."

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"There’s something about reading comics that invites you to make comics," he added. "A lot of people -- including me -- who get joy from this medium want to get their hands dirty and make something as good as what they’re reading. This is a chance to see how this particular something got made so that people can take the methods and tricks we used, put their own spin on them, and put out their own joy. That’s how I got started: from reading books like this that revealed how books like this were created, then copying that as best as I could."

"When something succeeds, there’s fun in knowing how it could have failed. It reveals to you the contingency of art and maybe even life," he continued. "I personally can’t get enough of reading about old comics or movies and the crazy coincidences, efforts, and mistakes that led to something cool getting out there. Maybe it makes you appreciate what you have, or maybe it makes you long for what you didn’t get. Either way, it’s a thrilling buzz we thrilled fans seek out, and it’s what you’re getting here."

"The biggest change along the way was probably the inclusion of Victor Mancha. Originally, this was supposed to be the Golden Age Human Torch, who is sort of Vision’s step-father/uncle and would’ve played a more grandfather-like role," the writer revealed. "Sadly, due to stuff in other books, Human Torch became unavailable, and Wil Moss, our editor, suggested Victor. This worked out better in the end than my original plan. Sometimes, comics are improvisation. Or I should say: Sometimes, the best parts of comics are improvised."

Marvel Comics' Director's Cut edition of "Vision" by King and Walta does not yet have a release date.

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