The Veronicas Join With Archie

Official Press Release

Back in April, Archie Comics readers were given a special treat: a

guest-appearance by real live 20 year old identical twins Jess and Lisa

Origliasso, the hit singing duo who call themselves THE VERONICAS!

Inspired to name their group after Archie Comics' own "Veronica Lodge,"

the girls have managed to make a big hit on the comic racks, too, and

now they're back for an encore in ARCHIE & FRIENDS #100!

With natural born singing and songwriting talent, fantastic looks, and

a tough and edgy sound with hooks and harmonies galore, The Veronicas'

have created quite the buzz in music industry circles. Teaming with

pop music's top songwriters and producers, The Veronicas are basking in

the success of their sizzling debut CD, "The Secret Life of The

Veronicas." Featuring styles as diverse as rock, hip hop and R&B, this

collection of infectious pop confections is anchored by the duo's

unique harmonic blend.

Currently on tour across the U.S., Jess and Lisa have a special guest

along for the ride: Veronica Lodge! Be on the lookout for The

Veronicas' tour bus, featuring the likeness of comic books' favorite

rich girl painted on the side in an exclusive design created by Archie


In the story, "Where in the World are the Veronicas," that tour is in

danger of being cut short. The Archies think they've landed their

biggest gig ever, only to learn they've been entered in a "battle of

the bands" competing against The Veronicas. Unbeknownst to the

Archies, their new agent has hired a driver to pick up singing twins

Jess and Lisa at the airport and get them "lost"… and ends up picking

up Veronica Lodge, too! Will the girls be able to make it back in time

to perform? Grab your backstage pass for musical mirth and

mayhem-order your copy of ARCHIE & FRIENDS #100 today!

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #100, ships 4/19. 32-page, full color comic, $2.25


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