THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS: Ghost Rider, Colleen Wing, Moon Knight


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It's not uncommon to stroll through one of New York City's many neighborhoods and encounter all sorts of strange and frightening phenomena. In the Marvel Universe version of New York, the strangest neighborhood has to be Hell's Kitchen. As seen in "Shadowland," the superhero Daredevil has gone rogue and declared himself overlord of Hell's Kitchen. Enforcing Daredevil's will is his personal army, the Ninja cult known as the Hand, and they operate out of Shadowland, a large medieval fortress constructed right in the heart of the neighborhood.

In "Shadowland" #1, Daredevil committed his most high profile act since kicking the police out of Hell's Kitchen when he murdered his archenemy, the assassin Bullseye, igniting a furor of violence and superhero activity. The NYPD may no longer be welcome in Hell's Kitchen, but they're keeping a close eye on the events unfolding in the troubled neighborhood.

In our latest installment of THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS, CBR's look at the major players of "Shadowland" through the eyes of the NYPD ,three different writers provide us with classified reports on three heroes who were recently spotted in and around the chaotic area of Hell's Kitchen.


Report by Officer Marcus Bradford, Traffic Unit, NYPD (AKA Rob Williams, writer of "Shadowland: Ghost Rider")

Wanted for:

We're still attempting to clarify what the Ghost Rider's involvement is with Shadowland, whether he's with Daredevil and his ninjas or against him. There's been sightings. One eye-witness claims he saw Ghost Rider enter the Shadowland fortress. So, presently, we're unsure if the Ghost Rider has committed any crimes, other than speeding and reckless endangerment, obviously (personal note: If anyone knows how we're supposed to give a ticket to a guy who is a skeleton on fire on a motorbike, please do let me know. I understand why you'd give a speeding motorcyclist to Traffic for processing, but what you expect my guys to do about this?)

Known associates:

Unknown. Doesn't appear to be one of the regular Avengers types. A loner, largely, although there's plainly some connection with Daredevil or else he wouldn't be driving round Hell's Kitchen in such an irresponsible manner.

Threat level:

Largely unknown, although we believe the subject to be enormously dangerous and, to be frank, none of my guys want to go anywhere near him. NYPD Traffic cops have enough to deal with as is, and this guy scares the crap out of my people. They'd rather take on Doc Doom.

Word on the streets:

Until my queries on whether or not the Ghost Rider has actually freed the NYPD prisoners from the dungeon of Hell's Kitchen are actually confirmed, it is impossible for Traffic to determine how Ghost Rider is involved in this incident. Although I would like to go on record again a stating how unhappy I am that my department has been asked to deal with this threat.


Report by Detective Edward Lee, Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, NYPD (AKA Jason Henderson, writer of "Shadowland: Daughters of Shadow")

Wanted for:

Colleen Wing, for all that she's known to walk down Broadway carrying a sword, used to be a straight arrow; partnered up with ex-cop Misty Knight and doing a lot of street-level super-powered bail bonds and investigative work. Now NYPD is having a little more trouble with her; she's been targeting organizations that sometimes file complaints against her. Privately all of us sympathize: Colleen is focusing on human trafficking and serial abuse cases, many of which are connected to organized crime and are difficult to prosecute. Those of us who know her are trying to give her wide berth, but goodwill only goes so far. She's angry that these crimes are going on; we respect that.

Known associates:

The most valuable thing about Colleen is that in the circle of heroes she runs in-- that of Misty Knight, Power Man, Iron Fist and Daredevil, she's been a consistent voice of reason. We know she broke up her last team, Heroes for Hire, because she objected to some of the work that team was doing. The downside of that is that her relationship with all of her circle is now very strained-- we hear that she has been in the same room with longtime-partner Misty recently and the two never spoke.

Threat level:

Colleen Wing is as formidable an opponent as a non-super-powered human can get. She was trained by her grandfather, a Japanese secret service agent, in swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and detective skills. She is not known to employ firearms but favors bladed weapons, and tends to carry a katana, a traditional Japanese sword.

Word on the streets:

Now we're getting worried about Ms. Wing. Word has it that she's been up to see Daredevil, who as you recall has holed up in a castle in Hell's Kitchen and is ruling that part of the city with his own army. Ms. Wing has been spotted leading an entirely new team. If this team is indeed-- as is rumored-- a group of Hand assassins, then she may be way off in new territory for her, and we have no idea why she would operate like this-- or whether we can ever trust her again.


Report by Detective Arthur Klein, NYPD (AKA Gregg Hurwitz, writer of "Shadowland: Moon Knight")

Wanted for:

1. Obstruction of Justice - you name it. Whenever this guy's been around, he's obstructing justice. Either getting in the way of our pursuit of a known criminal, or getting in our way of pursuing him as a known criminal.

2. Destruction of Public Property - countless wrecked vehicles, buildings, massive damage to the Museum of Natural History and the Sea, Air, and Space Museum (first generation jet still missing), not to mention that giant &^%* gouge he left right down the middle of Broadway!

3. Inflicting Grievous Bodily Damage - Bushman, The Wall, Herman the German, Slug, Sandman, Deadpool, The Scarecrow, Captain Barracuda, etc. [unabridged victim list too long to include in Police Report - see boxes 231-236 in NYPD long-term storage]

Known associates:

The Secret Avengers, including Ant Man, Beast, Black Widow, War Machine, Steve Rogers, Valkyrie. Though Moon Knight has proven successful as a team player within the Secret Avengers, it seems only a matter of time before he goes off like a keg of TNT and finds himself again out on his own.

Documented relationship with Spider-Man, the basis of which remains unclear. Moon Knight proves difficult to pin down due to his issues with authority and loose canon attitude. Intercepted radio transmissions from his various jets indicate that he employs a pilot with a French accent.

Threat Level:

Though he has shown a propensity for justice of late, Moon Knight's threat level has been ordered at the highest levels of the US Government to remain at permanent red/highest degree of alarm. Assume always that Moon Knight is armed and deadly. Approach with caution.

Word on the Streets:

A burgeoning problem seems to be developing between Moon Knight and Daredevil. Though Moon Knight appears to have sworn off the killing of criminals, the department is concerned that the collision course he is headed on will test his resolve in that regard as it has never been tested.

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