In the Marvel Universe, costume clad champions regularly step in to foil the schemes of both super villains and non-powered criminals. While the vigilantes can usually view the world in black in white, the police departments of the Marvel U have no such luxury. Their job is to enforce the law, so how do they look at the so called heroes who take it upon themselves to do their job and go after law breakers even though they aren't duly appointed law enforcement officers? Or what about the "heroes" who take things too far? The ones who break the law in pursuit of what they believe is the greater good?

During the events of "Shadowland," the New York City Police Department will have their hands full dealing with problems caused by costumed heroes as Daredevil and his private army, the secret society of ninja assassins known as the Hand, step up their war on crime in the Hell's Kitchen area. As part of that newly aggressive stance, Daredevil and his forces are willing to go to war with anybody that stands in their way; villains, criminal gangs, heroes and even cops.

To help our readers understand how the New York Police Department view the powder keg that is "Shadowland" CBR News kicks off a new multi-part series we call THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS. In each installment, we'll check in with a member of the creative and editorial teams behind the various "Shadowland" books for "in character" intelligence profiles on the major players of the event storyline. Today, "Shadowland" editor Stephen Wacker provides us with veteran NYPD detective Richard McClusky's reports on Daredevil, The White Tiger, Black Tarantula, Elektra and the Punisher.


Wanted For: In the past, Daredevil has been a highly visible vigilante...but he's far more visible now. Criminals are disappearing off the streets of Hell's Kitchen, and they're not being given over to us. Subject has been charged with obstruction of justice and is suspected of unlawful imprisonment. More serious charges could be levied based on the outcome of an investigation. Currently in the area of Hell's Kitchen, there is no law - there is only Daredevil's brand of "justice."

Known Associates: Various eyewitnesses and CIs report that Daredevil has been seen in the company of the White Tiger and the Black Tarantula. They are believe to be his most trusted confidants. Subject also has a long history with the assassin known as Elektra and the lawyer Foggy Nelson. It's also believed that Daredevil has a relationship with the vigilantes Luke Cage and Iron Fist, who have recently been spotted in the Hell's Kitchen area

Threat Level: Subject is a highly trained hand to hand combatant and is likely to be in the company of members of the Hand assassin cult. It is also the opinion of some of my colleagues that Daredevil possess heightened and perhaps superhuman senses. So if the subject is spotted, do not engage directly! Hold back and call for S.W.A.T. or the NYPD's Code Blue unit.

Word on the Street: CIs in the Hell's Kitchen area have reported that Daredevil and his associates have begun hunting for his old adversary, the costumed assassin known as Bullseye. We also have unconfirmed reports that Hand ninja are snatching people and pulling them down into the sewer tunnels beneath the Hell's Kitchen streets


Wanted For: Subject is one of the newer vigilantes in the New York area, so we have limited intelligence on her. It's currently unclear what connection this White Tiger has to any of the previous people who have held the identity. It should be noted though that the first White Tiger, AKA Hector Ayala,was shot and killed while trying to escape from his trial for murder and his attorney in that trial was Matt Murdock, who is widely believed to be Daredevil.

One thing is clear, though - the current White Tiger is one of Daredevil's most trusted associates. She is wanted for aiding and abetting and questioning for information on any other illegal activities that Daredevil and his associates are engaging in

Known Associates: The White Tiger is a trusted confidant of Daredevil and has been spotted associating with a number of his other allies, particularly Black Tarantula. Subject has also been spotted in the company of several other New York based vigilantes, including Spider-Man.

Threat Level: Just like Daredevil, the White Tiger is a very dangerous hand to hand combatant and is likely to be accompanied by several Hand members. It is also unclear whether or not she has any superhuman abilities, but unconfirmed reports suggest she's in possession of an amulet with supernatural properties. Personally, this detective thinks those reports are ludicrous, but still - do not engage directly! Call for back up!

Word on the Street: Since the White Tiger is one of Daredevil's inner circle it's almost certain that whatever he knows, she knows. If the White Tiger can be brought into custody and convinced to talk she would be a valuable source of intelligence about what exactly is going on inside the walls of Daredevil and the hand's recently constructed Shadowland fortress.


Wanted For: Subject had a long history as an assassin and an organized crime figure, but he served his time at Ryker's Island and was even released early for good behavior. Since his release, the Tarantula has acted as a vigilante and has often been seen in the company of Daredevil. It was starting to look like his relationship with Daredevil might be reforming the Black Tarantula, but then Daredevil began his association with the Hand. Now it's starting to look like the Black Tarantula has moved from being a criminal to punishing them in dangerous and illegal ways. Nothing we can prove yet, though. Still, the subject should be brought in for aiding and abetting Daredevil in his various activities.

Known Associates: The Black Tarantula, of course, has close ties to Daredevil and White Tiger and often serves as Daredevil's sergeant at arms in the Hand. If you look up and see the Hand flying over the rooftops of Hell's Kitchen, chances are he's the guy out in front of them.

Threat Level: Like his associates, the Black Tarantula is a dangerous hand to hand combatant. On top of that, he possesses several superhuman abilities that make him the most dangerous of Daredevil's accomplices. Especially in a face-to-face confrontation. Like Wolverine of the Avengers and the X-Men the Tarantula is a super fast healer. He also has superhuman strength and perhaps other enhanced physical abilities as well. Do not engage directly! Contact the Code Blue Unit immediately!

Word on the Street: With his powers and skills, the subject is capable of doing a lot of damage, but I've got unconfirmed reports that's he has been able to do some good as well. The Black Tarantula is also believed to possess the ability to heal others, and I've also heard from several sources that when Tarantula attacks organized crime outfits, he makes off with any money that he finds. Several hours later, large sums of money mysteriously show up in the collection boxes of local charities. Could we have a Robin Hood on our hands?


Wanted For: Elektra is wanted by federal and law enforcement agencies around the world for a number of murders. She's also wanted for questioning in dozens of unsolved political murders. She is believed to have close ties with a number of intelligence and government agencies, so there's probably no way to account for all the crimes she's committed.

Known Associates: Elektra is a known associate of Daredevil. She interfered in an FBI operation to aid him, and at one time she was the chief enforcer for Wilson Fisk's organization. Interpol reports also link her to Izo, the same blind "ninja master" that Daredevil was seen associating with just before he took control of the Hand

Threat Level: Subject is a highly accomplished assassin and widely believed to be one of the most dangerous women on the planet. If cornered, DO NOT ENGAGE! CALL THE AVENGERS IMMEDIATELY!

Word on the Street: Interpol reports that at one time, Elektra was believed to be in control of the Hand. Given her past connections to Daredevil and the Hand, you can bet she's on her way to Hell's Kitchen, if she's not already there...


Wanted For: Is there any way of calculating the exact number of murders the Subject has committed? Still, at least with the Punisher you knew he had a code against hurting cops. Who knows if the same can still be said of Daredevil?

Known Associates: None. Subject is a loner, but the few eyewitness accounts we've been able to obtain of his actions seem to suggest that the Punisher was communicating with and receiving intelligence from an offsite individual

Threat Level: Currently, none. Subject is believed to have been killed by operatives of Norman Osborn's H.A.M.M.E.R. agency. Here's where things get weird, though! Several CIs, the kind that usually turn their payoff money into booze, have reported seeing some kind of Frankenstein-style monster wearing the Punisher's signature shirt. If these reports are true, exercise extreme caution! Who knows what a monstrous version of the Punisher is capable of?

Word on the Street: We need to get some reliable intelligence on this guy, because in addition to the reports about the "FrankenCastle" monster, I'm also hearing chatter that the Punisher is alive and well and planning to enter Hell's Kitchen.

The Punisher and Daredevil have long been adversaries, but Daredevil being a good guy has kept the Subject from targeting him. Daredevil's not exactly a good guy these days, though, so maybe the Punisher is finally going to try and take him out...

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