THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS: Blood on the Streets

If you commit a crime in New York's Hell's Kitchen area you have to answer to the Devil. His name is Matt Murdock, but to the people of the Marvel Universe he's better known as the costumed vigilante known as Daredevil. Recently, Daredevil adopted a hard line approach to fighting crime on his home turf by declaring himself the sole law in Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil's enforcers are the ninja assassin cult known as the Hand, a group Matt Murdock had been fighting for years before eventually taking control of them in an effort to utilize their skills and resources for the greater good.

Daredevil may be the Hand's leader, but he's no killer - or, at least he wasn't. On the final page of "Shadowland" #1, by writer Andy Diggle and artist Billy Tan, that appears to have changed when Daredevil mortally wounded his old foe, the assassin known as Bullseye. In the wake of Bullseye's murder, more bodies will drop, especially among the ranks of New York City's underworld, leaving many to wonder just how far Daredevil and the Hand will to go to wipe out crime in New York City. Are they willing to ignite a bloody and violent mob war?

On August 11, four different Marvel characters will try to find the answers to these questions and more when the various "Shadowland: Blood on the Street" tie-in miniseries begins. Written by writer Antony Johnston and featuring art by Wellinton Alves, the series features veteran NYPD homicide Detective Raphael Scarfe, a longtime supporting street-level character in the Marvel U's version of NYC. In our second installment of THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS, our look at the major players of "Shadowland" through the eyes of the NYPD, Johnston provides us with Scarfe's detailed reports on the four main characters of "Blood on the Streets": Silver Sable, Misty Knight, Paladin and the Shroud.

SILVER SABLE (aka Silvija Sablinovia)

Wanted for:

Sablinovia no longer enjoys diplomatic status in the USA, and her homeland is not currently recognized as a sovereign state. Therefore, she is not eligible to reside here, but we believe she is currently on US soil as an illegal alien. If so, she is almost certainly in further violation of multiple ATF and IRS statutes.

Known associates:

Leader of a mercenary group known as the "Wild Pack." The status of that group is under question, as there has been no recorded activity since the fall of Symkaria.

Anna Sablinovia, her niece, was attending school in New York. Official records show her returning home when the Symkarian troubles broke out, but we have reason to believe Anna is, in fact, still here under an assumed alias.

As a diplomat, Sablinovia had close ties to Victor Von Doom, but the status of that relationship is now uncertain. She has previous ties to several vigilantes resident in New York, including Spider-Man, Paladin, The Punisher and Daredevil.

Threat level:

Sablinovia is a highly-trained soldier, expert markswoman and hand-to-hand combat fighter. She is known to use a wide array of advanced technology, and is skilled in disguise and espionage.

Word on the streets:

We don't even know for sure if Silver Sable is in New York or back home fixing her screwed-up country. The one thing we're certain of is that she's alive and possibly now acting in a solo/freelance capacity.

Mercedes "Misty" Knight

Wanted for:

No known violations. Knight is an ex-NYPD officer and licensed private investigator, partner and co-founder of Knightwing Restorations Ltd.

Known associates:

Knight's partner and co-founder is Colleen Wing. While still officially colleagues, we have reason to believe their professional relationship is currently strained.

Knight is engaged to Daniel Rand aka Iron Fist, and is also a former member of Rand's organization, Heroes For Hire; she therefore has ties to multiple vigilantes and investigators throughout the city, notably Carl Lucas aka Luke Cage aka Power Man, Paladin, Shang Chi aka Master of Kung Fu and Daredevil.

Threat Level:

Knight is a fully-trained police officer with additional high-level expertise in multiple martial arts.

Knight's right arm is bionic; she lost her biological arm in the line of duty to a bomb explosion. She retired from the NYPD soon after and was supplied a new arm by Tony Stark aka Iron Man, working in concert with Daniel Rand. The bionic arm gives her enhanced strength, grip, and force.

Word on the streets:

Misty and Danny recently shacked up together, and scuttlebutt says she had some big falling out with Colleen, so while she's still working, we don't expect to see her running around much.

(Personal note: Misty was my partner, and good police. Anyone wants to take a shot at her, come to me first, OK?)

Paladin (Real Name Unknown)

Wanted for:

Paladin is a known mercenary for hire. He has multiple outstanding warrants for illegal firearm possession, assault and obstruction violations. Known aliases include Paul Dennis, Paul Denning, and other puns on his codename

Known associates:

Paladin has ties to almost every vigilante, superhuman or otherwise, in New York. Due to his "for hire" status, he has worked with multiple teams and groups throughout his career.

His most frequent associations are with Silver Sable and Misty Knight. Whether this is coincidence, convenience or genuine friendship is uncertain.

Threat level:

Paladin is a world-class soldier and expert marksman. He reputedly possesses slight superhuman strength, speed and reflexes, but this is unconfirmed by any official source.

Word on the streets:

Paladin's been in and out of teams and alliances lately, but that's nothing new for this clown. His "work" patterns are unpredictable. If you pick him up for anything, good luck making it stick - the guy's connected, and then some.

The Shroud (Real Name Unknown)

Wanted for:

No official warrants, but this is due more to lack of proof and eyewitnesses than his innocence. The Shroud's vigilante activities almost certainly place him in violation of multiple statutes.

Known associates:

The Shroud normally works alone, though in the past he has been seen to operate with Spider-Man, Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman, Dr. Stephen Strange and Steve Rogers aka Captain America. This latter association should not be taken as an endorsement of his methods or activities.

Threat level:

The Shroud is a trained athlete and martial artist. He is not overly known for usage of advanced technology, but has been observed "flying" via some form of collapsible personal glider framework.

He is able to summon areas of total darkness at will, impenetrable by any normal light. The source of this power, and of his ability to operate normally within the darkness, is unknown at this time.

Word on the streets:

Shroud's been quiet since the Registration Act business, but we hear he's now back on the streets, working solo at night. He doesn't appear to be affiliated with anyone, and, frankly, that makes me nervous. Guy gives me the creeps.

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