The Unknown Anti-War Comics: IDW Commemorates the End of WWI

To commemorate the end of World War I one hundred years ago, IDW Publishing has announced an upcoming collection of remastered anti-war comics from decades past titled The Unknown Anti-War Comics.

Featuring the art of Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, the collection includes the rare two-issue story from the 1950s Never Again hosted by a figure known as the Unknown Soldier. The anthology issues told different war stories with a firm anti-war stance as the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union reached its peak. The cover for the collection is below:

Edited by Eisner Award winner Craig Yoe, the collection features introductions by Peter, Paul and Mary songwriter Noel Paul Stookey and an all-new original comic story by March illustrator Nate Powell.

The collection will retail for $29.99 with 229 pages of curated and restored comic material over the decades advocating for peace in the devastating face of war and tremendous loss of human life.

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The Unknown Anti-War Comics is by Steve Ditko, Joe Gill, Craig Yoe, and Peter Morisi. It is scheduled to go on sale this January from IDW Publishing.

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