Everything The Umbrella Academy Trailer Tells Us About Netflix's New Series

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from The Umbrella Academy's comic book volumes, and therefore may contain spoilers for Netflix's upcoming live-action adaptation.

With the release of the first trailer for Netflix's The Umbrella Academy, fans have finally gotten a taste of the comedic chaos and action to come when the adopted children of Sir Reginald Hargreeves step out to save the world from an impending apocalypse.

Perfectly summing up the over the top style of the Dark Horse series, the zany trailer clocks in at over two minutes and sets up these reluctant superheroes as mankind's last hope. Now, for those of you new to the franchise as well as anyone who need a refresher, let's look at the trailer's key moments.

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We're quickly introduced us to Colm Feore's Sir Reginald (a space alien masquerading as a human, although we're not sure if the series will change this) and his recruitment of super-powered babies. In the books, 43 kids were born to women who randomly appeared pregnant on a fateful day, with Reginald proceeding to adopt seven survivors who were left behind or given up for adoption. Here, we actually see him attempting to purchase one of the kids, but what's most intriguing is that when he does go on to introduce them to the world, it's a team of six, rather than the seven he debuted in the comic.

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This clearly illustrates he'll be hiding Ellen Page's Vanya (aka Number Seven) from the rest of the world. In the comics, he deemed her lack of powers as something which didn't make her special, and so she wasn't a part of the team's missions, even though she's an official member of the team. Here, though, she's been left out completely.

Ironically, we also catch a glimpse of the Horror, who didn't participate in the original books as he was dead from the very beginning. This hints that we might actually see his death on-screen, and how it impacts the rest of the squad.


Just like the source material, the team grows apart due to them being a dysfunctional family with clashing, ever-divergent personalities and whatnot. In the comic, they end up reunited thanks to the death of their father, placing them on a collision course with the apocalypse. The trailer dives into this angsty scene off the bat, showcasing the funeral, with the team's housekeeper and the chimp-in-charge, Pogo, overseeing things.

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It's clearly an awkward moment of grief as they haven't been together for years. and when Pogo asks. "Does anyone wish to speak?" -- hearing David Castañeda's Diego (aka Number 2 / The Kraken) admit "He was a monster!" more or less sums up their camaraderie, or lack thereof. The way Robert Sheehan's Klaus (Number Four / The Séance) laughs basically highlights the show's dark comedy, and that, yeah, these won't be the X-Men banding together after losing Professor Xavier.


In the first Umbrella Academy volume, The Apocalypse Suit, the family was warned that Reginald's death would signal the apocalypse, and they needed to unite for the greater good. They put aside differences to fight off Dr. Terminal's robot army, but soon realized the threat would come from within, as Vanya would be the one who'd turn on her family after resenting them for being an outcast, and help raze the world.

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We're not sure if the show will follow this route, but so far, the trailer seems to be sticking to the comic's arc with Aidan Gallagher as Number Five / The Boy being the one who discovers the world will end in eight days. He jumps into the future and gets stuck there, as in the comics, with the trailer painting a grim spectacle of buildings on fire and the planet in an overall state of destruction. Number Five will then jump back to the past to get his family on the same page, which, as the trailer shows, is easier said than done.

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