"The Umbrella Academy" Is "Too Challenging" For Film, Screenwriter Says

Considering the popularity of Dark Horse's "Umbrella Academy" and "Elfquest," it's somewhat surprising neither property has made it to the big screen. It's not for a lack of trying, though -- writer-director Rawson Marshal Thurber has been attempting to get both series made into movies for years. But in a recent conversation with Spinoff Online about his latest film, "Central Intelligence," the scribe discussed his "Umbrella Academy" and "Elfquest" scripts, saying he believes that both projects will likely never be made.

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Reflecting on his "Umbrella Academy" script, and declaring his love of the property, Thurber told Spinoff, "'The Umbrella Academy' is far and away the best script I've ever written, and my personal favorite book, graphic novel. I just thought what Gerard Way did and Gabriel Bá was nothing short of art, and I wrote my guts out trying to write a script that was worthy of what they did.

"I think ultimately, on the feature side, I don't think there's much hope for that movie to get made," he continued. "It was just I think too challenging - which seems sort of strange to say in a world in which every third movie is a superhero movie. But just, I think this one might have been a bridge too far, and the thing that makes 'Umbrella Academy' so special and so unique, in order to spend that kind of money to make a movie, most financiers would want to round off the edges and change the thing that makes it so special, to kind of make it fit into a different box.

While "Umbrella Academy" won't be headed to the big screen anytime soon, don't count out the television adaptation that's reportedly in the works with Universal Television. Thurber teased, "I don't know if there's much hope on the feature side for that project, but there might be hope on the television side, dot dot dot."

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Thurber then addressed his planned "Elfquest" film, expressing a similar affinity for the project -- which will ultimately also not see the light of day. "'Elfquest' was my first love. I worked hard for Warner Bros. on that script, and ultimately it did not make the final rose ceremony. So I don't imagine that will coming to the screen anytime soon. Although, if someone is smart enough and courageous enough to bankroll that property, they will be very well-rewarded because I think it's incredible. It deserves to be shared wider."

Thurber's latest film, "Central Intelligence," is currently in theaters.

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