The Ultimate Batman Gift Guide

Batman is one of DC's biggest characters, but he is also one of the biggest franchises in pop culture. Because that symbol is so iconic, it has been slapped on just about anything to create a myriad of Batman collectibles. Appropriately, fans have their pick when it comes to which Batman items they'll purchase for their own collections.

With so many Batman collectibles on the market, it's not always easy to find the best bang for your buck. Today, we're looking at the best Batman collectibles you can get, and we're ranking them from worst to best. Your collection is about to get a big upgrade.

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The latest DC animated feature also happens to be one of its best. Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet in the same world, leading to them teaming up to take on Gotham's villains and Shredder's minions. Based on the comic of the same name, Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shares a lot of the same beats, but it's all brought to life with DC's great animation work.

Seeing these characters interact and fight together is a pure treat. There are many crossovers with Batman, but this one remains one of the best, and it's now a well-made movie. Also the ending scene alone is worth the price of the movie.


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Movie technology has gotten increasingly better over time. As of right now, the highest resolution is 4K, which is extremely crisp and clear. A lot of movies have been reworked to fit in with 4K, looking much better than their original cuts ever could. Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy received that same treatment, making those movies look even better.

Because a lot of the scenes in the movies were shot in IMAX, it goes without saying that the 4K resolution makes them look even better than before. It also helps that all three movies range from good to fantastic and are some of the best Batman films.


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Batman has been around a long time- longer than what most people can remember. New Batman fans may struggle to catch up on all the Dark Knight's history, which is just one reason that 80 Years of Batman is such a great item. In this book, readers can experience the history of Batman through different eras.

This collection also has plenty for old fans, containing Batman's first story as well as the first appearances of many classic villains. Think of the book as a celebration of everything Batman has been through. For that reason, it's one of the best collectibles out there.


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Batman has several board games to his name, but none reach the heights of Gotham City Under Siege. This is the board game based entirely on Batman: The Animated Series, so it's already starting on the right foot. Players will take control of one of the heroes from the show and travel across Gotham City's rooftops.

There are scenarios and villains that players must tackle, each one taken right out of episodes from the show. Each hero has their own stats and attributes, leading to some impressive, strategic play. However, players must keep coming out on top, or Gotham could be lost forever!


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Back when Batman: Arkham Knight came out, it was released in a PS4 bundle. People could buy a system with a copy of the game. The big draw was that the system was a limited edition featuring a custom color and shell styled in the likeness of the game. Believe it or not, it's still possible to purchase this bundle, quite easily in fact.

Of course, the downside is that you'll pay a little bit more than a standard PS4. However, Batman fans who want to have this and keep it as a collectible will likely find it a worthy deal nonetheless.


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Chess sets are usually pretty simple. There is a checkered board and simple pieces to represent each of the different figures. However, the simple nature of the game means that some people have gone above and beyond with the design work.

That's exactly what happened with this Batman chess set. Featuring the rivalry of Batman and the Joker, this chess set is as lavish and high-detailed as you'd expect. Every piece is like its own miniature statue, complete with amazing detail and personality. Each character and object is represented accurately. Set on a beautifully colored board, this is the chess set for Batman fans.


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There are so many comics featuring Batman that it's nearly impossible to revisit or even keep track of them all. That's where something like Batman The Golden Age Omnibus Vol 1 comes in. For the first time, the Dark Knight's adventures from the late 1940s and 1950s are all collected in a single book.

Readers can go from start to finish, seeing what Batman was like back then as well as witnessing the introduction to a lot of the franchise's biggest villains. It's all contained in a neat book that has a gorgeous cover. Even if fans never read it, it would be a great addition to a Batman shelf.


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The cool thing about Batman is that the black color scheme and sleek design choices make for some quite clothing items. Fans can express their love for the character while still looking stylish. The defender of Gotham jacket is no exception to this.

This faux leather jacket has all sorts of unique details that are inspired by the Dark Knight's armor and sports the logo right on the chest. With the jacket being all black, it's easy to wear this around with any outfit and look sharp while doing so. However, the jacket is a limited edition, so you'll have to act quickly.


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Batman has gone through a lot of design changes over the years, but the suit for DC Rebirth was honestly one of the better ones. It combined the high tech aspects of the suit seen in movies like The Dark Knight with a more comic book color scheme. The overall color of the suit is grey and the bat logo has a yellow outline.

It's a great-looking suit that was translated perfectly into a statue by Kotobukiya. There is a lot of detail on this statue, from the seams of the suit to the creases of the cape. Featuring the Batman Rebirth logo at the bottom, there's no denying that this is a collectible fans want.


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Batman has a lot of tools at his disposal, but none are more iconic than the Batarang. This bat-shaped tool can be thrown at long distances to pin foes to the wall or knock them unconscious. It's exactly the kind of thing that would make for a glorious collectible, and fans now have it with this Batarang replica.

Modeled after the batarangs seen in The Dark Knight Rises, it features that version of the Batman logo. The Batarang can also fold in half for greater accuracy and comes in a nice case with the movie's logo on the bottom right.

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