Twilight Zone: Kumail Nanjiani Pays the Price for Fame in New Trailer

The Twilight Zone

With Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone reboot coming to CBS All Access next month, the streaming service's YouTube channel has uploaded a trailer for the episode "The Comedian," with actor Kumail Nanjiani learning the hard way that one can't get something for nothing.

As the trailer opens, Kumail's character stands before an audience ready to perform, just as the episode's title appears. Following this, a character played by Tracy Morgan tells the protagonist that the audience doesn't care what he thinks, but about him. As the trailer continues, the enigmatic man asks the comedian if he "wants it all," to which Kumali responds, "More than anything," followed by the two clinking their glasses together.

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Morgan's character then tells the comedian that he will get laughs and will be successful, but the trailer shows that the protagonist's wish comes at a cost, as he later asks his wife where their dog is, only to be informed they don't have one, implying much more drastic changes ahead.

As the trailer ends, Kumali asks Morgan what he did, as an ominous image of a microphone hitting the floor appears. Jordan Peele then appears, telling viewers that their next stop is the Twilight Zone, as the famous series logo pops up.

As shown by the trailer, Peele and his crew have managed to craft a modern tale of terror that does the original series justice, with a message that warns viewers about the dangers of wanting fame. It also implies that Morgan's character might be the Devil -- who's no stranger to The Twilight Zone -- and that Kumail's troubles are only beginning.

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Executive produced and hosted by Jordan Peele, The Twilight Zone is slated to premiere on April 1 on CBS All Access, 60 years after the premiere of the original series on CBS.

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