The Trouble With Video "Mission Statements"

The trouble with video "mission statements" like the one that Robert Kirkman presented to CBR yesterday (as seen here) is that you really have to make sure that presenting your ideas in video form is actually helping your presentation.

In Kirkman's case, I don't think his nine-minute piece really did that.

What makes that particularly evident to me is the fact that his later text additions to the piece, which amount to, like, three or four paragaphs, sum up (and present) his point clearer and more concise than the entire nine-minute video.

As to his actual point, that more top comic creators should do creator-owned work, well, sure, sounds fine by me. I'd point out that pretty much every notable comic book creator outside of Geoff Johns HAS done or IS doing creator-owned work (Brubaker has Criminal, Bendis has Powers, Millar has a bunch, Ennis has The Boys, Vaughan has his stuff, Moore does all creator-owned work now, Morrison has his stuff, Miller has his stuff, Ellis has his stuff), but that is not a big deal - sure, let's see more creator-owned work!

Bring it on!

I don't think it would help Marvel and DC the way Kirkman suggests, though, so I can imagine why both of those companies would dislike the idea of their top creators all concentrating on creator-owned work.

Darn...I should have made this entry as a video blog...

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