<i>The Transporter</i> Heads To TV, <i>Taken</i> Series Could Be Next

Frank Martin's days of transporting high risk packages to shady business dealers are far from over.

Deadline reports that a major U.S. broadcaster — unnamed at this time — has agreed to partner up with EuropaCorp for a new television series based on The Transporter. Few plot details, including the potential involvement of series lead Jason Statham, are known at this time, but production on the $48 million 12-part television series begins early next year, with delivery of the first episodes expected in November 2011.

Beyond The Transporter, EuropaCorp is reportedly considering a show based on Taken, the Liam Neeson-starring action flick about a retired black ops operative that goes searching for his daughter after she's kidnapped in France. Development on a Taken series would only begin once production on the sequel commences this spring. Neeson is expected to return for the film — no word on the series, but I don't think it's likely — while EuropaCorp continues searching for a director.

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