The Tower Chronicles

Story by
Art by
Simon Bisley, Rodney Ramos
Colors by
Ryan Brown
Letters by
Sean Konot
Cover by
Legendary Entertainment

Featuring a lead character created by Legendary Chairman and CEO Thomas Tull, Executive Producer of 300 & The Dark Knight, and developed by Tull and Matt Wagner (Grendel, Mage), THE TOWER CHRONICLES creates a new mythology on familiar worlds through a unique take on the bounty hunter storyline. The collective title of a series comprising three books to be released in multiple volumes, the all-new IP sets the standard for future releases from Legendary. The trilogy explores the history and contemporary adventures of John Tower, a supernatural bounty hunter with a grim and secretive past that haunts his every action. Written by Wagner and featuring stunning art by acclaimed 2000 AD & Lobo artist Simon Bisley, THE TOWER CHRONICLES will set a new standard in supernatural action/adventure. Additionally, each cover of the series will be drawn by a world-renowned creator, beginning with the first cover which was done by Jim Lee.

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