The Tick: New Heroes Rise in Season 2 Trailer

Let all evildoers beware, because the Season 2 trailer for The Tick has dropped, and from the look of things, it seems as though a lot will happen in the lives of the Big Blue Buffoon of Justice and his pal Arthur this season.

As the trailer opens, a voiceover from The Tick seemingly tells Arthur that it's time he starts to follow "the hero's way," right before Arthur tells The Tick -- who wasn't aware Arthur was in the room with him -- he thinks he's right, much to The Tick's surprise and elation.

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After a quick scene with the Tick attempting to hone Arthur's "danger reflex," the trailer cuts to A.E.G.I.S., with a representative informing people that "new villains will plunder, new heroes will rise," which is then followed by the Tick and Arthur at The City branch of A.E.G.I.S. and meeting new hero Sage.

Later on, Miss Lint vows to give the new heroes a "damn tsunami," and the trailer shows her unleashing chaos with her powers, which the Tick calls a "spreevil." As the trailer continues, scenes such as Overkill recruiting Arthur's sister Dot, The Tick deflecting a bank vault door with his arm and The Tick asking who doesn't love a team-up all play.

As the trailer ends, Overkill proclaims he needs to kill, to which The Tick rebuffs as him needing a hug, which Overkill dodges, leading to a "hug fight".

Like any good adaptation of Ben Edlund's famous creation, the Season 2 trailer perfectly captures the goofiness and action of the world of The Tick and Arthur, while also showing what's to come for the titular duo in their new adventures.

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Returning April 5 on Amazon Prime, The Tick stars Peter Serafinowicz as the titular character, Griffin Newman as Arthur Everest, Yara Martinez as Miss Lint, Scott Speiser as Overkill, Brendan Hines as Superian and Valorie Curry as Dot Everest.

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