The Three Musketeers, Marvel Style!

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Hey, True Believer!

It's once again time to feast your eyes on more covers that couldn't fitinto our next Marvel catalog (which will be found in Diamond's Previews, onsale Feb. 27th). So why did we pick these three images? What do they have incommon?

1. They all come out of the Tom Brevoort/Marc Sumerak office!

2. They all go on sale in May!

3. They all feature masked men with swords!

En garde... and enjoy!


Cover by Kieron Dwyer & Rick Remender

Kurt Busiek (w)/Kieron Dwyer & Rick Remender (p & i)

The Climax to the Kang War! In the ruins of Washington DC., Captain Americabattles Kang the Conqueror one-on-one for the fate of the planet -- and inthe aftermath of the struggle, only a battered corps of Avengers will beleft to pick up the pieces!

On Sale May 29th (MarvelPG)



Cover by Patrick Zircher & Al Vey

Fabian Nicieza (w)/Patrick Zircher (p)/Al Vey (i)

From atop a floating city, the quest to save Counter Earth begins -- but inorder to save thousands of lives and establish themselves as a force forgood on a world gone bad, will Zemo willingly sacrifice his team? "From thebeginning, THUNDERBOLTS has been built on the idea of a shifting status quo,and I'm surprised and pleased that the shocks and changes last, even 60issues into the run." -TheFourthRail.com

On Sale May 29th (MarvelPG)



Cover by Mike Deodato

Fabian Nicieza (w)/Lewis Larosa (p)/Jim Royal (i)

With Roger Aubrey dead, who will lead the V-Battalion? Then again, sincewe're dealing with a villain who absorbs human souls, you can expect a deadAubrey is going to provide plenty of agita -- even from beyond the grave!What does Citizen V do when the only way to stop the bad guy... is to givehim what he wants?

On Sale May 1st (MarvelPG)


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