The Sword unsheathed

Luna Brothers return in October!

Official press release

The Luna Brothers, creators behind GIRLS and ULTRA, and artists of Marvel's SPIDER-WOMAN, return this October with an all-new modern-day fantasy series, THE SWORD.

"Like our previous titles, THE SWORD weaves the supernatural and fantastic into our everyday world," explained writer Joshua Luna. "But unlike those books, THE SWORD focuses on revenge and power."

Dara, the series' protagonist, is a young woman whose life is destroyed by powerful strangers who are unlike anything she has ever imagined. Just when things are at their worst she discovers a unique sword with the power to take her revenge. Combining elements of Kill Bill, Highlander and Blade of the Immortal with the patented Luna Brothers twist, THE SWORD will be a must read for any fan of the action, drama, or fantasy genres.

"We came up with THE SWORD two years ago," said artist Jonathan Luna. "Every now and then it would pop into our conversations and never get out of our heads, so we knew this was a story that we had to tell."

"Jonathan and Joshua embody everything that Image Comics is about," added Image Comics' Publisher, Erik Larsen. "We found them in a blind submission and through their work with us they've become industry superstars. I'm ecstatic to read their newest series."

THE SWORD #1 (AUG071971), a 32-page comic with a cover price of $2.99, will be available for order in the August issue of Previews and will go on sale in October 17.

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