The Superior Spider-Man Joins "Mighty" Team

This week, Marvel Comics is rolling out the roster for a new team of heroes that will assemble during the events of Jonathan Hickman's "Infinity." Led by retired Avenger Luke Cage, the new "Mighty" team of heroes gather together to protect Earth while the Avengers are off in space. With Luke Cage already revealed as the first member of the team, Marvel has released an expanded teaser that reveals the next member as the Superior Spider-Man.

Much like the Luke Cage reveal, using the Marvel AR app on the image plays a video commentary by Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort detailing where Spider-Man is during "Infinity" and his motivation for joining up with this team of heroes.

"Today's mystery character is the Superior Spider-Man, a very different flavor of Spider-Man than the typical hero we've come to know and love," Brevoort said. "Doctor Octopus has commandeered his body and is using it to carry out his own particular interpretation, his brand of what begin a hero is. During the course of the Infinity catastrophe, he is on Earth in the center of New York. it's his city. He's got it rigged with spider-cameras, spider-bots and spider-minions and there's no way anybody's going to be attacking his place without his intervention."

With the Superior Spider-Man as the latest team member, there are only four more members of the "Mighty" team left. Make sure to check back with CBR News throughout the week as more members begin to surface.

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