The Super Sons Fly High in New DC Graphic Novel Trailer

Super Sons Polarshield Project

Next month, DC Comics launches its newest imprint, DC Zoom, and has released a trailer for its debut title, Super Sons: The Polarshield Project.

Written by young adult fiction author Ridley Pearson and illustrated by Ile Gonzalez, the original graphic novel is an out-of-continuity story following the Super Sons, the sons of Superman and Batman. After their superhero fathers depart Earth on a mission to stop global climate change, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne take up heroic alter egos of their own.

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The DC Zoom imprint features bestselling young adult and children's fiction writers telling original stories starring various DC superheroes. The imprint joins the recently launched DCInk, which targets a slightly older audience.

Judging by the trailer for Super Sons, the aspiring superheroes are going to have their hands full as they follow their famous fathers' footsteps to defend the city from both rising crime and rising sea levels.

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Super Sons: The Polarshield Project is written by Ridley Pearson and illustrated by Ile Gonzalez. The original graphic novel is scheduled to go on sale on April 2 by DC Comics.

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