The stars line up for 'Hulk' feature film

This past Tuesday Universal Pictures announced that the feature film debut of the "Hulk" would take place on June 20th, 2003. Today, a bit more news was revealed about the production.

According to The Hollywood Reporter actors Sam Elliot ("The Big Lebowski," "Tombstone") and Nick Nolte ("The Thin Red Line," "Cape Fear") have joined the cast of the 'Hulk' film, helmed by director Ang Lee.

Stars already announced for the film include Eric Bana as Dr. Bruce Banner and Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross. Elliot will play General Ross, Betty Ross' father, the man in charge of the military base where radioactive experiments turn Dr. Banner into the green-skinned Hulk. A story familiar to comic fans, Ross becomes obsessed with hunting down the Hulk. Nolte will play Bruce Banner's father whom the Hollywood Reporter describes as "a brilliant scientist who unwittingly passes on a tragic legacy to his son."

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