The Stark Seven Feature In "Iron Man" #10 Teaser

With the 50th anniversary of Iron Man coming around the bend, Marvel Comics and current "Iron Man" ongoing writer Kieron Gillen alongside incoming artist Dale Eaglesham plan to tell a Secret Origin for the Armored Avenger. While not much is known about the story so far, the publisher released a new teaser image that features The Stark Seven, part of a major secret in Tony Stark's past. "Secret Origin" is a caper story that takes place in Las Vegas, involving Tony's parents Howard and Maria Stark, as well as a team of operatives.

"I wanted to do a big story that harkened back to Iron Man's very beginning," Gillen said in February. "Basically, this is a question of Tony discovering something that lies in the past...and fits in with everything we know about the Marvel Universe."

Check out the teaser and solicitation information below.

Official Press Release

You know the origin of Iron Man, but what mysteries surround the Secret Origin of Tony Stark? It's the biggest story to rock the life of the man behind the suit, and this April, the blockbuster creative team of Kieron Gillen and Dale Eaglesham uncover one of the secrets surrounding Tony's past in Iron Man #10! But who are the "Stark Seven" and what do they have to do with Iron Man?

You've never read an Iron Man story quite like this and no fan can miss out on some of the biggest revelations that will not only impact the life of the Armored Avenger, but the entire Marvel Universe! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your local comic shop now and reserve a copy of Iron Man #10!

IRON MAN #10 (MAR130627)



Cover by GREG LAND

FOC- 04/22/13 On-Sale - 05/15/13

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