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The Stardust Kid moves to Boom! Studios

by  in Comic News Comment
The Stardust Kid moves to Boom! Studios

Official Press Release

DeMatteis and Ploog’s Acclaimed Fantasy Joins Wizard Magazine’s “Best
New Publisher.”

The Stardust Kid, the critically-acclaimed series that reunited Eisner
Award winning writer J.M. DeMatteis and legendary fantasy artist Mike
Ploog after their memorable run on CrossGen’s Abadazad, has found a
new home at Ross Richie’s Boom! Studios. The Stardust Kid tells the
story of Cody DiMarco, whose urban neighborhood has been transformed
into a deadly, enchanted forest. The only way Cody and his friends
can restore their world-and the people they love-is to solve the
mystery of the Stardust Kid.

“Abadazad,” DeMatteis said, reflecting on the series’ beginnings, “is
being developed as a new book series for Disney’s Hyperion Books For
Children-but Mike and I didn’t want to leave the world of comic books
behind. Our medium needs more kid-friendly entertainment-and that’s
why we developed The Stardust Kid, an idea I’d been nursing for
years. We wanted to present another all-ages fantasy that
children…and their parents…could enjoy equally.”

“J.M. presented me with the idea,” added Ploog, “and then we were off
and running. Just as J.M. had been toying with the story for years,
I’d been stockpiling designs for a variety of fantastic new creatures.
When we put our heads together, we discovered that the creatures I’d
been designing and the idea he’d been developing worked perfectly

“I’m very excited,” DeMatteis went on, “about continuing the story of
The Stardust Kid at Boom! Studios. I’ve worked with Ross Richie since
Boom! began…and I’m delighted that he’ll be watching over our

“This is the marriage of two of the greatest talents of the field,”
Richie noted. “Both pioneers. Ploog’s co-creation, Ghost Rider, gets
released this year as a film. DeMatteis is not only associated with
blockbuster hits like the Bwah-ha-ha Justice League, he practically
created Vertigo-style adult fantasy in the comic book field with

They’ve built the ultimate team with Nick Bell’s delicate and nuanced
color palette and Dave Lanphear’s innovative calligraphy and design.”
Ploog and DeMatteis’ previous collaboration, Abadazad, fueled a
bidding war for the rights to defunct publisher Crossgen’s publishing
catalog. Rescuing Abadazad from bankruptcy, Disney initiated a
massive roll-out through its book division, Hyperion, relaunching the
property in the book trade, major retail chain stores, high-volume
venues like WalMart, and in the UK, Italy, Australia/New Zealand,
France, Finland, Portugal, and other territories worldwide. Hyperion
expects Abadazad to be one of the big publishing success stories of
the summer.

“With Hyperion creating such a massive presence for Abadazad,” Richie
added, “we’re
poised to see many of those new readers come our way with The Stardust
Kid. It’s an exciting project that we’re proud to add to the Boom!
Studios stable that only further builds our profile as an
up-and-coming presence in the direct market and the book stores.”

The critics agree:

“More DeMatteis-Ploog magic. The story is intriguing. Mike Ploog
just gets better and better. Superb.” -Christine Harper, Comics

“J.M. DeMatteis, Mike Ploog, Nick Bell and Dave Lanphear…have pooled
their talents for another amazing comic book. The Stardust Kid is
captivating.”-The Scoop: Off The Presses,

“JMD’s snarky and irreverent sense of humor is on full display here.
Ploog’s artwork is every bit as dynamic. The Stardust Kid is
guaranteed to put a smile on your face and leave you wanting more.”
-Rich Watson,

“The Stardust Kid is fresh and fun, creepy and wondrous in both story
and art.” – The Buzzdust Kid, Ain’t it Cool News

“The Stardust Kid #1 is an impressive debut issue, a bittersweet
coming-of-age fantasy that should easily find an audience among fans
of J.K. Rowling and Lewis Carroll as well as readers who felt stung by
Abadazad’s untimely end.” – David Howlett,

“.I think that when finished this will be a title to share with many
people, for it transcends the medium, and transcends the genre.” –
Alexander Ness,

“Abadazad fans, rejoice, as the creative team behind that lost and
sorely missed series have teamed up once again to present a new comic
title that captures the same sort of magic without seeming as though
it’s just a retooling of their previous efforts. The Stardust Kid
boasts the same kind of charming storytelling and inventive visuals we
came to expect from Abadazad, but the theme and focus the story
explores are actually much different.” – Don MacPherson, Critiques on
Infinite Earths

“Delightfully imaginative, emotional and visually stunning. As strong
as Abadazad, but showing more promise.” – Chad Boudreau,

The Stardust Kid #4 will be available in May, via Diamond Comics
Distributors’ PREVIEWS catalog, Item Order Code: MAR063075.
About Boom! Studios: Launched in June of 2005, in six short months
Boom! Studios was christened “Best New Publisher” by Wizard Magazine.
Featuring an innovative line of creator-driven books, Boom! Studios is
a boutique publisher featuring the top talent in the field of comic
books and graphic novels.

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