'The Stand' Miniseries, Film Planned as Part of Larger Multi-Platform Project

Before Stephen King's "The Stand's" debuts in theaters, it will arrive on Showtime as an eight-part miniseries, TheWrap reports.

The miniseries will lead up to and culminate in the film, allowing the project to cover even more of King's novel, which clocks in with over 1,000 pages of material. The miniseries and the movie will film together as one, larger production.

Written and directed by Josh Boone ("The Fault in Our Stars"), this latest adaptation of "The Stand" centers on the struggle between good and evil in the wake of a man-made virus that wipes out most of the world’s population. The film follows two groups of survivors drawn separately to the prophetic Mother Abigail and the demonic Randall Flagg.

"The Stand" was previously adapted in 1994 as a four-part television miniseries on ABC, with Jamey Sheridan in the Randall Flagg role. The upcoming adaptation is scheduled to start shooting early next year.

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