The Spirit, Heroes, Iron Man: August 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


According to Variety, "Writer-director Frank Miller has tapped Gabriel Macht to star in ... the Miller-scripted adaptation of the classic Eisner comicbook series. Shooting on the pic co-financed by Lionsgate and Odd Lot Entertainment begins in October for release in 2009. Odd Lot partners Gigi Pritzker and Deborah Del Prete produce. The Bronx-born Macht was most recently seen in 'The Good Shepherd' and just wrapped the Dominic Sena-directed 'Whiteout,' in which he stars opposite Kate Beckinsale.


A note in the Hollywood Reporter (subscription required) notes that actress Jessica Collins has been added to the cast. Collins (late of ABC's The Nine) will have a recurring role playing Sophie, a mysterious woman with powers who works at the organization that is tracking all heroes.


Mmm, an in-depth sit down with actor Robert Downey Jr. in San Diego? CBR News has it.

Also, director Jon Favreau's big Comic-Con reveal has been posted on YouTube ...


Actor Michael Caine has updated his website talking about the upcoming Bat-sequel. "I have just got back from my second trip to Chicago where I am shooting 'Batman,' my jet lag has gone so I feel like updating this site," Caine wrote. "I have one more stint in Chicago in a month time, then I will be finished on the 2nd 'Batman' the great revelation of working on this is Heath Ledger who plays the 'The Joker.' I have seen him on film and I have worked with him and I must say it is quite an extraordinary performance."


How about an early review, spoilers and all? Ah, thanks Ain't It Cool News!


There's both rumors of an early start to the season and fresh spoilers about the new season's fourth episode, all courtesy of Kryptonsite.


Who's rumored to take over as director if Raimi jumps ship? Moviehole says it's actor Bruce Campbell.


Producer Mark Verheiden talks about plans for the feature film with CBR News.


Director Matthew Vaughan got interviewed by Superhero Hype and here's a snippet: "I was even asked this by Hollywood when I was trying to make a bigger budget movie. They're going, 'Do you think you can handle it?' And I'm like, 'Guys, it's far harder making a film for a low budget than it is with a big.' It's this thing I don't understand why people think bigger budget movies are more difficult to make. A film is a film, and if you're trying to make a good film but you've got hardly any money, you have to really pull every resource you can think of to make it happen. When you've got more money, you just have to go, 'Okay, let's build the set and we want it to be like this. Great! Go off and make it!' 'cause you've got the money, whereas before, 'God I'd love to do it like this, but we can't afford it, so how are we going to solve the problem?' I'm a big believer that at the end of the day, a movie is a camera, film and an actor in front of it and that rule applies to all films."


One other director is being mentioned alongside George Miller as a possibility, or so IESB would have us believe. Who's the director, you ask? "Charlie's Angels" helmer McG.


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