The Spider-Man Half Face

Guess how many issues of Amazing Spider-Man went by before the famous Spider-Man half face was used on the cover?

Answer after the fold!

It was not until 1993's Amazing Spider-Man #366 that the half face made its (full ;) ) Amazing Spider-Man cover debut!

That said, the first appearance at all was on Amazing Spider-Man #8's cover.

Amazing Spider-Man #8 had a small Spider-Man half face in one of the insets...

Thanks to Chris McAree for picking this one out.

Besides this small inset, the half face it made its bow on the Spider-Man titles period with 1982's Spectacular Spider-Man #67, with this rather odd Ed Hannigan take on the half face.

Mark Beachum gave a more standard take on the concept with 1986's Spectacular Spider-Man #120.

It's amazing how infrequent one of the most famous visual tricks in comic history was used on comic book covers!

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