The South Park Cast as the Rainbow Lantern Corps!

My pal Jason has been collecting sketches of South Park characters as members of the various colored Lantern Corps that befit each of their respective personalities. He was nice enough to suggest that I feature them here, so enjoy!

Green Lanterns Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski & Wendy Testaburger by Jason Quinones

Orange Lantern Eric Cartman & Mr. Kitty by Katie Cook

White Lantern Kenny McCormick by Krissy Puff

Indigo Tribe Leopold "Butters" Stotch by Sean Von Gormann

Blue Lanterns Timmy Burch & Jimmy Valmer by Jennifer Weber

Star Sapphire Big Gay Al by Mindy Steffen and Mindy Indy

Black Lantern Jerome "Chef" McElroy by Steve Becker

Sinestro Corps/Yellow Lantern Trent Boyett by Agnes Garbowska

Red Lantern Mr. Hat & Mr. Garrison by Chris Flick

Check out more of awesome sketches that Jason has collected over the years here!

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