The Sinister Six: an alt-horror update

Before Halloween I posted a list of "Six Deeply Creepy Alt-Horror Cartoonists" as part of Robot 666's week-long reign of terror. Well, these avatars of alternative comics' dark side have been up to some interesting things lately. Feast your eyes on the latest enterprises of our strange sextet:

The Squirrel Machine's Hans Rickheit is selling original pages from his darkly erotic, Xeric-winning graphic novel Chloe. If you're in the original art market you can buy them straight from the artist himself here; if you'd just like to take a gander at the book itself, you can buy it here. (And I recommend you do so.)

Night Business's Benjamin Marra has been posting galleries of his grad school work, done in a very different style than his current faux-naive action-horror trashsploitation comics. It's fun to picture how he got here from there.

The Blot's Tom Neely is offering to personalize any book you buy from him for the holidays, and to upgrade its shipping for free -- it's his own answer to the bigger alt-publishers' holiday blowout sales. He's also appearing in a metric shitload of art shows worldwide, so click the link for the details if you live in or near Portland, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Miami or Stuttgart.

The Ticking's Renee French just keeps on cranking out disturbing imagery at her blog on a daily basis. Subscribe to that RSS feed stat, folks.

House's Josh Simmons is a major component of a very cool zine/minicomic lot being auctioned off on eBay right this very moment. The titles include Cirkus New Orleans from Top Shelf, a couple of issues of Fandangle, and a bunch of comics whose titles I don't feel comfortable printing here. You've got about nine hours to bid as of this writing, so act now!

Finally, Pim and Francie's Al Columbia is talking to Brian Heater in the Daily Cross Hatch's latest interview series. I'm not sure Columbia's rep for not producing much work is as mysterious in origin as Heater makes it out to be -- it's because he barely publishes any of it; after all, more seasoned commentators than me reacted to the publication of Pim and Francie like the second coming of Christ -- but that aside, the interview offers a fascinating glimpse at how Columbia views his own legend, the reason for Pim and Francie's fractured structure and much more.

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