'The Simpsons' Will (Somehow) Air a Live Segment in May

"The Simpsons" will take the show live in May. Well, three minutes of the show, at least.

Fox has announced its the May 15th episode of the animated series will feature a live segment in which Homer, voiced by Dan Castellaneta, will discuss topical subjects.

In the episode, Marge, Bart and Lisa will turn over the final three minutes of the episode to Homer, who will respond to fan questions in segments that will air live in both the East Coast and West Coast broadcasts.

Executive Producer Al Jean explained to The Hollywood Reporter that they'll use motion-capture technology to produce the live segments. "As far as I know, this is the first time that's been done by any animated show," he said.

Jean also promised the producers will go to interesting lengths to prove to the audience that the broadcast is indeed live.

Viewers will be asked to tweet their questions between May 1 and May 4 using the hashtag #HomerLive.

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