'The Simpsons' Takes on Trump (and His Hair) in Its Own '3 a.m.' Spot

After lampooning Donald Trump's announcement of his presidential bid last year, "The Simpsons" returns to familiar political territory with a spoof of the famous 3 a.m. phone call ad.

This time it's 3 o'clock in Springfield, where Marge can't make love to Homer until she's settled on which candidate she's voted for. Like so many important decisions, it's made with the help of television, as they tune in for a commercial depicting the 3 a.m. call in both the Clinton and Trump White Houses. While the show gets in a dig at the Clintons, it saves its sharpest humor for Trump.

The Republican nominee is shown tweeting, with "Great Speeches" by A. Hitler at his side, when the Situation Room calls. When he does finally decide to answer, he must then stop to have a team apply spray tan, hair and, yes, normal-size hands.

That's all it takes for Marge, and ultimately Homer, to decide how they'll vote.

"The Simpsons" has a long relationship with Trump and his potential presidency that dates all the way back to 2000: The episode “Bart to the Future" depicts a future in which Lisa Simpson is elected president following the Trump administration, which left the country broke. Writer Dan Greaney said last year that the episode was "a warning to America.”

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