'The Simpsons' Takes Aim at Donald Trump (and His Hair) in New Promo

Neither Donald Trump's recent business woes nor his legendary hairpiece are safe in this new promo for the 27th season of "The Simpsons" that lampoons the Republican presidential contender.

Called "Trumptastic Voyage," the teaser finds Homer Simpson paid $50 to cheer at the launch of Trump's campaign, only to be drawn into the magical mysteries of the candidate's hair. "If I touch it, will it heal my baldness?" Homer wonders.

And so begins the voyage across Trump's scalp, sprinkled with references to his recent troubles involving the Miss Universe pageant, NBC and Macy's, among other things.

"The Simpsons," which earlier this week resolved a contract dispute with voice actor Harry Shearer, will hold at panel Saturday at Comic-Con International. The 27th season premieres Sept. 27.

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