The Simpsons Predicted Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Performance In 2012

Lady Gaga simpsons

Lady Gaga's halftime show during last night's Super Bowl had a lot going on, including futuristic outfits, some wire work and even a section for some piano balladry. As inventive as the performance was, diehard "Simpsons" fans might have had an odd feeling of deja vu while watching Lady Gaga fly over the crowd on wires. That's because the performance has a striking number of similarities to a previous Lady Gaga performance -- one that appeared in a 2012 episode of "The Simpsons."

In 2012, "The Simpsons'" season 23 finale featured an appearance by Lady Gaga. In the episode, titled "Lisa Goes Gaga," the singer delivers a performance designed to perk up the depressed residents of Springfield and empower them to be themselves. The performance included a futuristic outfit, Lady Gaga flying around on wires and a bit of piano balladry.

Last night's Super Bowl performance featured all of that, starting off with Gaga leaping from one elevated stage to another Peter Pan style via wires. The performance included a similar metallic outfit and, yes, Lady Gaga singing an inspirational tune behind a piano. You can watch the Super Bowl halftime show and try to spot more similarities.

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