The Simpsons Are Heading to Disney+

Simpsons Disney plus

Disney revealed the official launch line-up for Disney+ today, and the upcoming streaming service will be the exclusive streaming home of the most famous animated family of all time.

Disney has confirmed on social media that the entirety of The Simpsons will be made available on the upcoming streaming service. This includes all 30 previously -eleased episode of the long-running series, as well as the show's upcoming two seasons (which will raise the number of episodes to a historic 700).

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The Simpsons celebrated the change by releasing a short sketch that features The Simpson family adjusting to their new lives as part of the Disney umbrella. Homer reminds the family they only have one chance to make a first impression, and tells them all to wear the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. While the family tries to comply, Marge's signature tall blue hair makes putting the ears on a bit more difficult. The short even features a cameo from Dumbo, who ends (naturally) crushing Homer.

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Disney revealed that the entire series (including The Simpsons Movie) will become available exclusively via Disney+. This all but confirms the end of FXX's SimpsonsWorld SVOD service, where The Simpsons can currently be streamed.

In addition to numerous announcements and confirmations about upcoming Disney+ Originals including WandaVision, The Mandalorian and Falcon and Winter Soldier, Disney announced that Disney+ will launch on Nov. 12, 2019 with $6.99 a month or $69.99 annual subscription plans.

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