The Shadow vol. 2: Revolution TP

When his mystic powers fail, The Shadow travels the globe on a bloody search for answers. He attempts to reconnect with his spiritual masters in Nepal, but is sidetracked by an opium smuggling operation. Afterwards, he travels to the frontlines of the Spanish Civil War in pursuit of arms dealers and a would-be dictator. Who is the maniacal El Rey, and how will The Shadow dispense justice when he discovers that a former flame serves as his brutal enforcer, the Black Sparrow?

This 168 page collection reprints issues 7-12 of the hit series written by hard-boiled crime novelist VICTOR GISCHLER and drawn by AARON CAMPBELL, JACK HERBERT and GIOVANNI TIMPANO, and features a complete cover gallery by ALEX ROSS, JOHN CASSADAY, DARWYN COOKE, TIM BRADSTREET, MICHAEL GOLDEN, FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA and more!

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