INTERVIEW: In The Seeds' Nocenti & Aja Talk Symbolism and... Magpies?

Has there been any major shift or change in the message or emphasis of the story since your original pitch? Has this been an organic arrangement between the two of you or was the original concept pretty much set in stone?


The story is changing every day. In traditional comic-making, you’re put on hard deadlines very fast, and scripts have to be tight, and mapped out all the way till the end. One of the many great things about working with Karen Berger is that she understands the role time plays in a comic… that it is only after I saw pages from issue one that I could write issue two, and for this project we had the time built in to let the story evolve organically. So I have the four issues mapped out, I know the ending, but the way David draws things changes the roadmap.

Finally, David, when I think of your work I always think of experimentation with time and movement -- specifically in stories like Hawkeye where moments between breaths or  the visual cadence of sign language became huge components of the finished product. Are there any experimental or new visual storytelling devices you're looking to emphasize as The Seeds progresses?

SEEDS #1 PG 03

David Aja: Yup, I suppose I always have liked experimentation, although I do not specifically look for it. I think, depending on the story I am going to tell, there's some kind of graphic approach, composition, and narrative that would fit better. I can't think the same way if I'm going to draw a car chase then if I do an issue from a dog's point of view, now you mention Hawkeye.

Or maybe it is me, that I complicated myself. Or get bothered if I do the same thing twice. I do not know. But I think there are infinite ways to tell a story, can you see them all, Meg, CAN YOU SEE THEM? They are there waiting for us we just have to look for them, just LIKE THE ALIENS, they are out there, maybe all of my work is just a metaphor of this search, of my own way of working. My work represents my work then, this is like a stupid Möbius strip, oh look, a magpie on my window. There are always magpies around my window, Meg. MAGPIES ARE OUT THERE too. Do you like magpies? I love magpies. Did you know I'm drawing magpies in the comic? And for some reason, the square root of 2 has just come to my mind now.

So I suppose the basic conclusion is that I do not really know why I do things. Or maybe I know. But I do them. And sometimes they work. Buy our comic.

The Seeds #1 hits shelves on August 1 from Dark Horse Comics

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