The secrets of Jughead's haberdashery -- revealed!

As much as I've enjoyed Archie Comics over the years -- and, aside from their horrid treatment of Dan DeCarlo, I have enjoyed them -- one thing has always bothered me. Namely: what in God's name is that thing that Jughead always wears on the top of his noggin?

Is it a hat? A crown? Some sort of Masonic symbol? Seriously, what the hell is that thing supposed to be?

Thankfully, the folks behind I'm Learning to Share have been asking the same questions and are considerably less lazy about trying to track down the answers.

Turns out at some point people actually wore things like that

It appears that the first people to wear the original 'Jughead'-styled caps were auto mechanics, welders and other workmen who found they could get the same 'safety' function of a factory worker's beanie by altering an old worn-out fedora.

The method was to turn a fedora upside-down, push the hat's crown inside-out, thenturn up the brim and trim away its excess with a scalloped cut.

Another mystery solved. Now if someone can only explain those infernal criss-crosses on the sides of Archie's hair ...

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