The Secret History of D.B. Cooper #1

Story by
Art by
Brian Churilla
Letters by
Ed Brisson
Cover by
Oni Press

The infamous case of D.B. Cooper has long held the world's attention. A man robs an airplane and then jumps out mid-flight never to be seen again. Every man and his dog has a theory on what happened after the fateful moment "D.B. Cooper" (actually, it was Dan Cooper but misinformation sticks like mud) jumped from the back of a 747. "The Secret History of D.B. Cooper" is just one view -- and maybe one of the most amazingly psychedelic and brilliant versions you'll ever stumble across.

As if the real case wasn't strange enough, Brian Churilla instantly throws us to the wolves by introducing us to Cooper in a strange and decidedly different reality. This suddenly isn't a tale of thievery, mischief and aeronautics -- instead we have swords and bulging tumourous beasts and what might be a psychedelic amount of monster vomit. This book doesn't bury the lead; you know where you stand and the ground is definitely unstable.

To make matters worse, when the narrative leaves this wonderland of scary delights, things still aren't exactly clear. Churilla throws a spanner in the works of what you think you might know about the case and this direction is certainly going to be fun to ride out. Without spoiling things, the book looks at a bizarre war being fought in the battlefield of the mind, literally. It's almost disgusting and definitely not for the easily upset or put off. This book wants to push boundaries of theme, decency, information and visuals. It succeeds on every level.

The actual character of D.B. Cooper is more than enough to hold centre stage of this book. His actions are mesmerizing at times and his demeanor and attitude are downright funny at others. Churilla knows we have to be invested to some degree in the heart of this tale and so Cooper steps into the spotlight with one hell of a smile and completely unknown motives or mission directives.

Churilla's art is exceptionally clean and engrossing. Whether it's a head cleaved in twain or a couple of guys putting another one to sleep, you will love these pages. The flow of action is very decently paced and the slather of character on each face is perfect. The entire world is built on these pages in scale and tone. The very bold final page is completely different and for that exact reason it works for the intended purpose. It requires the colors to pop and it then slams you into this finale. You will need more.

"The Secret History of D.B. Cooper" is the comic people say they can't find; well, here it is. Enjoy it. The story is the type of fun you'd need to commit an illegal act to find elsewhere, the art is top quality and the entire package is one hell of a show. You won't forget about this comic after reading. Get in on the ground floor and enjoy a comic that deserves your attention.

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