The Search For <i>The Hunger Games</i>' Heroine Begins In 2011

Showbiz parents: You only have weeks to prepare your children to audition for what will most likely be the next Twilight, with just a little twist of science-fiction thrown in. Yes, The Hunger Games casting begins next month.

The LA Times' Hero Complex blog quotes producer Nina Jacobsen as saying,

We’ll start auditioning fairly early in the new year. There are no front-runners yet... We have so many great young actors right now whose representatives are interested, or who are interested themselves. It really comes down to finding that person who can capture the physicality, the vulnerability and the toughness [of lead character Katniss Everdeen]. She’s a paradoxical character and you need somebody who has the range to capture all of those dimensions.

Once auditions do begin, expect them to be extensive and over quickly; the plan is to begin production on the first movie in the franchise - based on Suzanne Collins' massively best-selling young adult series - in the spring, with Seabiscuit's Gary Ross directing.

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