"The Scream"-It's Not Just All in Your Head

Official Press Release

Dark Horse Comics brings you another Mike Richardson creation of action, adventure, and suspense that will have you chomping at the bit for the next issue. Scripted by Peter David, The Scream #1 promises to be chock-full of paranoia and suspicion. Bart Sears, Randy Elliott, and Lucas Marangon team up to bring The Scream 's images to life in a way that will have you questioning the little voices inside your own head.

Danny Duncan's life is a mess. His job is mind-numbingly boring, his elderly father is slipping into senility, and since Danny got out of the Belle Foux treatment facility people have been saying he's crazy. On top of all that, odd things have started to happen around Danny. People are behaving strangely around him, as if they're reacting to his thoughts and daydreams. What is this strange phenomenon, and how is it tied to Danny's recent stay at Belle Foux?

" The Scream is a throwback to a time when superheroes were more fun and less grim. It owes more to the early Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Spider-Man than it does to the contemporary comics scene," said Mike Richardson.

"Peter David, Bart Sears, and Randy Elliott have all brought their A-game to The Scream ," says Dave Land. "This is definitely a series that their fans won't want to miss."

The Scream #1 is due to be released November 21, 2007 at $2.99 per issue.

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