'The Schwartz Awakens' in 'Spaceballs'-inspired 'Star Wars' parody posters

In the style of Olly Moss' stunning original trilogy posters, Nakatomi Inc and Joshua Budich have teamed up to awaken the Schwartz in some stellar new parody posters that mashup "Star Wars" and its number one spoof, "Spaceballs."

Inspired by Mel Brooks' seminal "Star Wars" parody, Budich's posters feature the characters of "Spaceballs" actors Joan Rivers, John Candy and Rick Moranis, with the caption, 'The Schwartz Awakens."

Check out each poster below, which are available separately on Nakatomi Inc's website on 18x24 4-color hand printed paper, or as a foil print set for $200 USD:

"Ain't Found Shit"

"Doesn't Look Druish"

"There Goes the Planet"

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is in theaters now.

(via /Film)

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