The Scariest Comic Books of All Time! - Terminated

A reader named Chris S. suggested that I devote October to the scariest comic books of all-time, as suggested by you readers out there! Sounds like a plan to me! So all October-long, I'll be featuring 31 comic book tales of terror, based on YOUR suggestions! So e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com your scary suggestions! Here is an archive of all the comics featured so far!

Commenter Doug Brunell suggested I feature a particularly clever story from Bruce Jones' horror series for Pacific Comics, Twisted Tales. The story, "Terminated," from 1983's Twisted Tales #5, is about a town taking issue with a leper with an ending that they did not see coming. It was written (as were all of the stories from Twisted Tales #1-7) by Jones and it was drawn by the legendary Richard Corben.


It's just a three-pager, so I'll just show you the whole thing...

Awesome ending.

Twisted Tales, as a whole, is worth tracking down in the back issue bins. The first seven issues are Jones telling short off-kilter horror stories by a variety of great artists.

A few of you have asked for Bruce Jones horror stories PERIOD, so I'll be featuring another Twisted Tales story soon (it is even cooler than this one - it is drawn by Mike Ploog - I'm sure you Jones horror fans out there know which one I'm talking about).

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