The Scariest Comic Books of All Time! - Over His Head

A reader named Chris S. suggested that I devote October to the scariest comic books of all-time, as suggested by you readers out there! Sounds like a plan to me! So all October-long, I'll be featuring 31 comic book tales of terror, based on YOUR suggestions! So e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com your scary suggestions! Here is an archive of all the comics featured so far!

Today we look at one of the most acclaimed stories from Bruce Jones' overall acclaimed run on Twisted Tales for Pacific Comics. Titled "Over His Head," it is was drawn by the great Mike Ploog and it first appeared in Twisted Tales #2, although it has appeared in at least one "Best Horror Comics" compilation since. Do note that the sample pages are of the "R-rated" variety. So be forewarned!


The comic tells the story of a schlub who is falls for a little lady who acts like a bit of a succubus...

Ploog's EC-inspired artwork is amazing. And Jones' story is suitably spooky. I love the twist about her hair entangling him.

There's another major twist at the end of the story. I'll let you pick up the comic (it is available in a recent reprint, The Mammoth Book Of Best Horror Comics, which you can get for less than $15) to see for yourself. It is well worth your while!

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