The Scariest Comic Books of All Time! - In the Deep

A reader named Chris S. suggested that I devote October to the scariest comic books of all-time, as suggested by you readers out there! Sounds like a plan to me! So all October-long, I'll be featuring 31 comic book tales of terror, based on YOUR suggestions! So e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com your scary suggestions! Here is an archive of all the comics featured so far!

Commenter rev sully suggested "In the Deep," from 1978's Creepy #101. Written by Bruce Jones and drawn by Richard Corben, this Jaws-inspired tale had the following effect on rev scully:

Scared. The. Still. -Forming. Poo. Out. Of. Me. It was the Jaws rip off issue and I was a kid when I read this. Hoo boyee was this macabre & gross & didn’t I keep going back and re-reading all the stories...I later picked up a copy of this again after my 2nd Renaissance with comics. now in my adult life and it features art by Richard Corben. Damn. No wonder why it was sooo…spooky.


The story opens with a man discovered drifting in the ocean. His hands are clasped tight around something. But what?

We then see the harrowing experience of this man and his wife (who cannot swim)...

Scary stuff.

I won't spoil the twist as to what is in his clasped hands, but I think you can make an educated guess (it is quite gross).

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