<i>The Rum Diary</i> Is <i>Finally</i> Coming On Oct. 28

At long, long, long last someone has finally realized that pairing Johnny Depp with the work of the late, great Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson is a sound business move. Terry Gilliam did it in his 1998 adaptation of Thompson's novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, a work that remains one of the filmmaker's best to date.

That is actually the same year an early work of fiction from Thompson was finally published, The Rum Diary. A film adaptation was planned a few years ago, with Depp, Aaron Eckhart, Amber Heard and Giovanni Ribisi taking on key roles. It shot in 2009 and there has been the occasional screening, but no one has stepped up to handle the release ... until now.

A big BRAVO and THANK YOU to FilmDistrict, which has picked up the film and set it for an Oct. 28 release, The Hollywood Reporter reveals. The story follows Depp's Paul Kemp, a burned-out journalist who moves to re-establish himself as a newspaper writer in Puerto Rico. Shenanigans ensue. Not nearly on the level of what happens in Fear and Loathing; this is a much more traditional narrative. It's a great story, though, and I'm psyched that we'll finally all get to see it.

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