The Rock Calls Shazam's Black Adam His Favorite Superhero

We're still about two years away from seeing Dwayne Johnson take on the role of Black Adam in the "Shazam" feature film, but that hasn't stopped the actor from touting and teasing his upcoming DC Comics role. Back in April of 2016, he wore a Black Adam t-shirt during an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. Now, he's discussed his upcoming supervillain role as part of a Q&A on his YouTube channel. And his comments may surprise you, as he calls the supervillain a superhero.

When asked why he signed up to play Shazam's adversary, he replied: "I have loved the role of Black Adam. I love that he starts off as a slave, that he felt like he was wronged. I have just loved that backstory. And I think that Black Adam has always been, for me, the most intriguing superhero."

You can watch his answer below, beginning around the 2:20 mark.

Dwayne Johnson previously teased his DC role by teaming up with Henry "Superman" Cavill to deliver season's greetings via Instagram.

In development since the early 2000s by New Line Cinema, "Shazam" had seemingly stalled in 2013, only for Johnson to confirm the following year that he'll star as Black Adam. Warner Bros. then made it official with the 2014 announcement of an ambitious 10-film slate based on DC Comics properties, including Shazam. The movie is targeted for 2019 release.

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