The Robot 6 First Anniversary Spectacular! A Round-Up

How did you spend your New Year's holiday weekend? Gorging on football? Partying with family and friends? Sleeping off a wicked hangover? We here at Robot 6 celebrated in our own special way. You see, while January 1st marked the start of a new year and a new decade, January 2nd was our first anniversary. And thanks to all our friends in the comics industry -- not to mention Comic Book Resources head honcho Jonah Weiland, who handed us the reins to the CBR homepage on Saturday -- we rang it in in style.

Just in case you were out gallivanting for the last few days, here's a round-up of all the fresh content we posted during the long holiday weekend. Consider it our way of saying thank you to you, the Robot 6 readers, without whom none of this would be possible!

* In a two-part series, we crowned The 30 Most Important Comics of the Decade. Here's part one; here's part two. The list includes superheroes, manga, webcomics, classics, alternative comics, Eurocomics, autobio, political cartoons -- the whole gamut of our art form in this momentous decade. And judging from our Robot-to-Robot transmissions, these are the R6 crew's favorite posts in a long long time. Click to see what made the cut and why.

* We asked a plethora of people from across the comics industry -- from Jeff Parker to Paul Pope, C. Tyler to C.B. Cebulski -- what comics they're most excited about seeing in 2010. You definitely wanna read those posts for all the hints and teases about upcoming projects, including news of the now-2011 debut of Paul Pope's epic Battling Boy, a Colleen Coover/Paul Tobin collab from Top Shelf, and a mysterious 96-page graphic novel from DC by Walt Simonson.

* Each of us also paid homage to our favorite comics of 2009. Wanna see what got each Robot revved up this year? That's your post.

* Our own Kevin Melrose picked the 50 Best Covers of 2009. Check 'em out, then slug it out over his hits and misses in the lively comment thread.

* We posted a metric boatload of exclusive previews for a bunch of cool comics on the horizon, including Jonathan Hickman & Dale Eaglesham's Fantastic Four, Abnett, Lanning, & Di Vito's Nova #33-34, Abnett, Lanning, & Walker's Guardians of the Galaxy #22, Pak, Parker, Van Lente, Buchemi, & Hardman's Incredible Hercules #140, Jonathan Ross & Tommy Lee Edwards's Turf, Stewart & Kathryn Immonen's Moving Pictures, Matt Kindt's Super Spy: The Lost Dossiers, Jim Woodring's Weathercraft , Megan Kelso's Artichoke Tales, Diana Thung's Captain Long Ears, and our own Matt Maxwell & Luis Garagna's Strangeways: Red Hands.

* Thom Zahler of Love & Capes stopped by for a chat with JK Parkin, while Question artist Cully Hamner talked comics with Tim O'Shea.

* We got some gorgeous birthday greetings from B.P.R.D.'s Guy Davis & Dave Stewart and AppleGeeks's Mohammad F. Haque.

* We even found time for some regularly scheduled programming. Melissa Krause checked in with a year-in-review focused look at the comics blogosphere in Your Mileage May Vary, while Chris Mautner roped A-list blogger Shaenon Garrity into sharing what's on her nightstand and/or Kindle along with the whole Robot 6 gang in What Are You Reading?

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