The Ripper is alive!

[From Hell[On October 19th a film based on a comic with great potential to bring new readers into our humble little hobby makes its theatrical debut. "From Hell," based on the comic series by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell which tells an interpretation of the Jack the Ripper story, will on that day open in movie houses all over North America and beyond. Now you can get a sneak peak at the movie by downloading the trailer online at the official From Hell Movie Web site, http://www.fromhellmovie.com/.

The trailer features an active back beat with fast cut clips of the film. While you don't get any extended looks at particular scenes, as is the case with most trailers, you do get a good feeling for the characters strengths and the overall tone of the film.

Starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham, "From Hell" is directed by the Hughes Brothers, well known for films like "Menace II Society," "Dead Presidents" and most recently "American Pimp." For more information visit the links for the movie site and Eddie Campbell above or visit the preview page at UpcomingMovies.com.

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